CryOmega Disposable Cryosurgical Device

CryOmega Disposable Cryosurgical Device
CryOmega Disposable Cryosurgical Device
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Product Description
Premier CryOmega Disposable Cryosurgical Device (9034000)

  • Effective - Delivers a continuous, direct spray of nitrous oxide (-89°C) to treatment site. With a lower operating temperature compared to canister-based systems, provides clinically effective freezing with pinpoint precision.
  • Convenient - Simple, hassle-free operation. Activate internal cartridge once and the device is ready for use. No need for additional accessories or replacement cartridges. 30 to 45 five-second sprays per device. Difficult lesions may require longer treatment.
  • Economical - Low-cost, effective cryosurgery in any clinical setting.
  • Disposable - Simply dispose of the entire unit when the internal cartridge is empty.

Approved for the following indications: Verruca Vulgaris, Verruca Plantaris, Mollusca Contagiosa, Skin Tags, Lentigo, Actinic Keratosis, Verruca Plana, Seborrheic Keratosis and Genital Lesions.