Sekisui OSOM Ultra Influenza A+B Test

Sekisui OSOM Ultra Influenza A+B Test


Product Description

The OSOM Ultra Flu A & B Test is an in vitro rapid qualitative test that detects influenza type A and type B nucleoprotein antigens directly from nasal swab, nasopharyngeal swab, and nasopharyngeal aspirate/wash specimens obtained from patients with signs and symptoms of respiratory infection.

Meets the Influenza reclassification requirements for rapid antigen tests.

Sensitivity: Influenza "A" 89.2% Influenza "B" 86.4% Specificity: Influenza "A" 99.4% Influenza "B" 99.0%

Simple 5 step CLIA-waived procedure with pre-measured extraction buffer for swab samples. Accurate, differentiated interpretation of results in 10-15 minutes to test and treat patients in one office visit. 25 Tests/Box (plus 2 extra for external QC). Price per Box.