Rapid Response 10SG Urine Test Strips 900-10-IMC

Rapid Response 10SG Urine Test Strips 900-10-IMC
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Rapid Response Urine Test Strips 900-10-IMC. The BTNX Urinalysis strips are useful in the preliminary screening for diabetes, liver diseases, haemolytic diseases, urogenital, and kidney disorders with one quick urine test. Test strips are a firm, plastic dipstick used to diagnose and read 10 different parameter types. This 10SG test strip can effectively detect Blood, pH, Leukocytes, Urobilinogen, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Bilirubin and Glucose in a urine sample. Upon immersing the test strip in the specimen, comparison between the reagent areas on the strip and their corresponding color on the container can be made. CLIA waived. High quality, fast qualitative results, reliable sensitivity. 100/BX. Priced per box. FREE Shipping!