Wallach TriScope Trulight Colposcope (906150T-4)

Wallach TriScope Trulight Colposcope (906150T-4)
Wallach TriScope Trulight Colposcope (906150T-4)
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Product Description
Wallach TriScope Trulight Colposcope (906150T-4) is a triple magnification unit that offers high resolution stereoscopic optical viewing. The Trulight Triscope Colposcope provides 3 magnification levels (8, 13, and 21) and can be fitted with USB video capability for EMR systems, or stand alone use. The TriScope provides a bright, clear image. Combined with Trulight, you have an outstanding diagnostic tool.

Wallach's highly versatile TriScope Colposcope offers an optical pathway for a direct view. This fixed triple magnification Colposcope features a built-in dual optical beamsplitter which permits the attachment of 35mm photographic accessories (traditional and digital), video, and co-observation (teaching) tube. All Colposcopes now feature Trulight LED Lighting System for brighter, whiter light. No need to ever change a light bulb again.

The TriScope delivers the 3D image needed to detect subtle tissue abnormalities and to perform colposcopically directed biopsies and surgery with optimum hand/eye coordination. It features Wallach's unique overhead suspension system which is solid, yet easily adjustable. The result is total stability through the full range of motion.

Wallach TriScope Colposcope Features:
  • Retractable vessel delineation filter is incorporated to provide clear visualization of vascular patterns
  • Image obtained through the accessory ports is identical to that viewed through the binocular tubes via the optical beamsplitter
  • High-resolution stereoscopic optical viewing