Premier Acetic Acid 5% 1.2mL

Premier Acetic Acid 5% 1.2mL
Premier Acetic Acid 5% 1.2mLPremier Acetic Acid 5% 1.2mL
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Premier Acetic Acid 5% (9045052). Acetic Acid 5% enhances abnormal cervical tissue for improved visualization. After the cervix is studied with the colposcope, the cervix is washed with a acetic acid 5%. The acetic acid washes away mucus and allows abnormal areas to be seen more easily with the colposcope. Moreover, the acetic acid stains the abnormal areas white. The areas that stain white after the acetic acid wash are called acetowhite lesions. Significant abnormalities, such as genital warts, pre-cancers (dysplasia), and cancers, generally produce acetowhite areas with distinct and clear boundaries can be detected. Each 1.2mL bottle comes with a rayon tip applicator. 1/EA, 12EA/BX. Priced per each.