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Diagnostic Gynecology

Single-use medical devices and accessories for women's health. HS Catheters and Procedure Trays, Cervical Dilator Sets, Uterine Manipulators (UMI), Uterine Injectors, Endometrial Samplers, IUI Catheters, Uterine Aspiration Kits, and more, all used by OBGYN Practices, Hospitals, Imaging Centers, Fertility/IVF Clinics, Midwives, and Surgery Centers. Shipping is FREE!
Sono-Inject Sonohysterography Catheter
Regular price:$8.20
Sale Price:$6.89
EZ-Inject Sonohysterography Catheter, High-Flow
Regular price:$85.00
Sale Price:$79.00
HSG Procedure Trays
Regular price:$247.00
Sale Price:$187.00
Miller Advance HSG Catheters
Regular price:$258.00
Sale Price:$177.00
Thomas Medical Disposable Os Finders
Regular price:$67.00
Sale Price:$59.00
Dilator Set: Os Locator, Canal Finder, Fundus Dilator
Regular price:$79.50
Sale Price:$67.00
Wallach Disposable Os Finders Set (3) 920019
Regular price:$179.00
Sale Price:$142.50
Wallach Flexsound Intrauterine Sound
Regular price:$163.50
Sale Price:$149.00
Wallach Endocell Disposable Endometrial Cell Sampler 35/BX
Regular price:$205.00
Sale Price:$179.00
Medgyn Disposable Uterine Sound
Regular price:$65.00
Sale Price:$53.95
Bioteque Preferred Curette Endosampler (M0014)
Regular price:$98.00
Sale Price:$79.50
Thomas Medical Endometrial Biopsy Sampler
Regular price:$123.00
Sale Price:$119.00
Medgyn Biopsy Pipette
Regular price:$7.25
Sale Price:$5.75
Medgyn EndoSampler 3mm
Regular price:$7.25
Sale Price:$5.69
Bioteque Ensula Endometrial Curette
Regular price:$149.00
Sale Price:$113.00
Medgyn Aspiration Kit 4mm 60cc Syringe
Regular price:$9.95
Sale Price:$8.25
Medgyn Aspiration Kit 5mm 60cc Syringe
Regular price:$9.95
Sale Price:$8.25
Medgyn Aspiration Kit 6mm 60cc Syringe
Regular price:$9.95
Sale Price:$8.25
Wallach Papette Cervical Cell Collector
Regular price:$49.00
Sale Price:$36.50
Acorn Cohen Cannula Uterine Injector
Regular price:$425.00
Sale Price:$379.00
Thomas Medical Uterine Manipulator & Injector
Regular price:$18.00
Sale Price:$12.50
Zinnanti Uterine Injectors 2mm
Regular price:$256.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Thomas Medical EZ Glide Uterine Manipulator
Regular price:$226.00
Sale Price:$177.00
Thomas Medical K-UMI Manipulator
Regular price:$268.00
Sale Price:$183.00
Cook™ Cervical Ripening Balloon (G48149)
Regular price:$1,250.00
Sale Price:$995.00
Amnio Hook Amniotic Membrane Perforator
Regular price:$61.00
Sale Price:$47.00
Laminaria Dilator 2mm Extra Small/Extra Thin
Regular price:$8.25
Sale Price:$6.85
Laminaria Dilator 3mm Small
Regular price:$8.25
Sale Price:$6.85
Laminaria Dilator 4mm Medium
Regular price:$8.25
Sale Price:$6.85
Laminaria Dilator 5mm Large/Thick
Regular price:$8.25
Sale Price:$6.85
Laminaria Dilator 6mm Extra Thick
Regular price:$8.75
Sale Price:$7.50
Medgyn Laminaria Inserter 10-1/2"
Regular price:$75.00
Sale Price:$59.00
Bioteque Word Bartholin Catheter (WC-400MM) 6/pk
Regular price:$147.00
Sale Price:$109.50
Rusch Teleflex Word Bartholin Catheter (564000)
Regular price:$43.00
Sale Price:$36.50
Owen-Mumford Amielle Comfort Vaginal Dilators
Regular price:$95.00
Sale Price:$76.95
Bioteque Vaginal Weights
Regular price:$159.00
Sale Price:$113.00
Bioteque Nichols Silicone Counsellor Dilators
Regular price:$51.00
Sale Price:$39.75