BD Saf-T-Intima™ Closed I.V. Catheter System
BD Saf-T-Intima I.V. Catheters. Sterile, closed I.V. catheter systems combine advanced needlestick safety with an innovative system design, resulting in virtually bloodless insertion and greater clinician safety. A telescoping needle shield passively covers the stylet as it is withdrawn from the catheter, providing a safeguard from potential sharps injury. The pre-attached extension tubing offers a closed system, ensuring a virtually bloodless venipuncture. Removable PRN adapter allows the use of any needleless closed I.V. access device.

Catheters are made of BD Vialon™ biomaterial. Superior tip integrity, an ultra-smooth microsurface, and an exclusive lubrication process enable easy insertion, making them easier to place and advance on a wider cross-section of patients. Superior softening capabilities permit the catheter to conform to the natural lie of the vessel, reducing pressure on the vessel walls and reducing the risk of penetration of the vessel wall by the catheter material.