Amnio Hook Amniotic Sac Perforator (020301)

Amnio Hook Amniotic Sac Perforator (020301)


Product Description

Medgyn Amnio Hook Amniotic Membrane Perforator (020301). The Amniotic Membrane Perforator is designed to rupture the amniotic sac without any injury to the fetus or mother. This device allows medical personnel to carefully snag the membrane without scratching or causing any damage. 50/BX. Price per box.

Compares to Cardinal "Allegiance" Hollister HL9601.

  • 25cm long, protects against cross-contamination and reduces the possibility of infection
  • Contoured sides to provide a more secure grip for doctor or medical personnel
  • Straight handle for precise control and easy access to amniotic membrane
  • Protected point for safer insertion without inadvertently piercing tissue; snagging motion instead of poking, prevents injury to baby
  • Rounded tip prevents injury to mother and fetus
  • Non-glare plastic for better visibility by doctor
  • Disposable and cost effective