Busse Amniocentesis Tray (650)

Busse Amniocentesis Tray (650)


Product Description

Busse Amniocentesis Tray (650) (BX-4545A). Conveniently arranged and complete, all the components necessary to safely sample amniotic fluid are contained in each Busse Amniocentesis Tray. This sterile, single-use tray improves efficiency by reducing preparation and clean-up time between procedures.

All needles are high quality, and the ultrasharp 20 gauge spinal needle provided in each tray facilitates depth positioning through the incorporation of etched centimeter marks along the length of the cannula. Prenumbered amber vials are provided to protect light-sensitive samples. 1/TR 10TR/CS. Price per tray.

Each Busse Amniocentesis Tray includes:
  • One (1) multi-compartment tray with prep well
  • Spinal needle with stylet, 20 g x 3-1/2", with centimeter depth markings
  • Luer lock syringe, 6cc
  • Luer lock syringe, 20cc
  • Needles: 25 g x 5/8" and 22 g x 1-1/2"
  • Lidocaine hydrochloride, USP, 1%, 5 ml
  • Three (3) amber specimen vials, prenumbered, with caps, 10 ml
  • Three (3) sponge sticks
  • Ruler, 6"
  • Three (3) gauze pads
  • Towel
  • Fenestrated drape with adhesive strip
  • Bandage
  • Three (3) patient ID labels
  • CSR wrap

Compares to competitors' products: Cardinal "Allegiance" 4545A (10/cs), Medline DYNJTS07035 (10/cs), Covidien/Kendall 97051 (10/cs)