Clarity Mononucleosis Test Kit (DTG‑MONO)

Clarity Mononucleosis Test Kit (DTG‑MONO)


Product Description

Clarity Mono Test Kit. Rapid test cassettes. 15 tests at a very good price! Price per kit.

  • Sensitivity > 99%
  • Specificity of 98.6%
  • 99% overall accuracy
  • Fast and easy test results in 8 minutes or less
  • No age restriction (can be used on children)
  • CLIA Waived for whole blood only, can be used with plasma/serum
  • 18 month dating

Clarity Mononucleosis Kit Contains: 15-Test Cassettes, 1-Developer Solution, 15-Sample Transfer Tubes, 1-Positive Control, 1-Negative Control, Package Insert, and Procedure Card