CooperSurgical LEEP Precision Cart

CooperSurgical LEEP Precision Cart


Product Description

The CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Cart (LP-40-001) is a convenient accessory and transport unit for the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION electrosurgery system. Cart only. Price per cart.

The CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Cart is equipped with five large caster wheels and two shelves of storage for extra accessories. The cart also has cable hooks attached, to better organize cables while in storage and during procedures. The cart is also designed to support the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Generator and CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator.

Warranty: 1 Year.

The cart is most ideal for the busy clinics and practices, with mobility and plenty of storage.

NOTE: Cart pictured with generator and smoke evacuator above for demonstration only. Please note that the LEEP PRECISION Generator and Smoke Evacuator are NOT included with this cart.