CooperSurgical LEEP Precision Smoke Evacuator

CooperSurgical LEEP Precision Smoke Evacuator


Product Description

The CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION Smoke Evacuator (LP-30-120) is a powerful odor eliminator for the CooperSurgical LEEP PRECISION electrosurgery system.

The smoke evacuator clears odors at an impressive 99.999% efficiency, and included generator also provides reliable power with 3.15 amps. The air flow is highly efficient at capturing smoke plumes at 35 CFM min, and the filter is triple-stage for capturing particulates, odors, and vapors. It's easy to replace the filters and is low-maintenance.

This unit as a whole is designed for use in clinics and practices, with convenient wheeled mobility and cable management when paired with the cart

Warranty: 1 Year - Free from Defects in Materials and Workmanship.