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Covidien Monoject SYRINGES

Covidien Monoject Sterile Syringes with Luer-Lock Tip are single-use, and individually packaged without a needle in peel-apart wrapping. Sizes include: 3mL, 6mL, 12mL, 20mL, and 35mL. FREE Shipping!
Covidien Monoject 3mL Syringe (8881513934)
Regular price:$18.00
Sale Price:$13.50
Covidien Monoject 6mL Syringes (8881516937)
Regular price:$16.50
Sale Price:$11.75
Covidien Monoject 12mL Syringes (8881512878)
Regular price:$27.00
Sale Price:$18.95
Covidien Monoject 20mL Syringes (8881520657)
Regular price:$33.00
Sale Price:$26.50
Covidien Monoject 35mL Syringes (8881535762)
Regular price:$29.50
Sale Price:$21.95