CryoConcepts Histofreezer Flex 80SM Cryosurgical Kit (200-6080)

CryoConcepts Histofreezer Flex 80SM Cryosurgical Kit (200-6080)


Product Description

CryoConcepts HistoFreezer Flex 80 treatment kit. An innovative advance for portable cryosurgery, the CryoConcepts HistoFreezer Flex delivers colder, environmentally friendly cryogen from a canister that works with either buds or cones and can be administered using just a single hand. Designed to provide better first-time results for patients, the HistoFreezer Flex features the most environmentally friendly canister ever produced for cryosurgery. The canister is reusable leading to less environmental impact while also ensuring the cryogen gas gets colder immediately and is nonflammable.

The 80SM kit includes a canister of cryogen, 50 buds, 40 cones (3 mm, 5 mm, 7 mm, 9 mm, 12 mm), four cone adapters, a release clip, a cone selection guide, a practice pad, and instructions for use.

  • Innovative and patented flow control technology delivers superior efficiency and eliminates the splattering of cryogen
  • Unique, open design lets you to choose buds or cones
  • Cone design ensures deeper freezing with less gas used
  • Closed cones deliver and maintain a critical freezing temperature (-50° C) versus open cones
  • Buds use less gas and can be recharged to treat multiple lesions
  • Bud material allows them to treat smaller lesions
  • Convenient handle shape allows for the single handed delivery of gas
  • Cryogen gas gets colder faster, is nonflammable, and environmentally friendly
  • Cryogen canister is reusable leading to less environmental impact
  • Packaging can even be used as a shipper to return an empty canister