Cytiva pH Indicator & Test Papers (0.0 - 14.0) (2613-991)

Cytiva pH Indicator & Test Papers (0.0 - 14.0) (2613-991)


Product Description

Color Bonded, 0.0 to 14.0 range, 6mm x 80mm, pH indicators and test papers.

Made to stringent Whatman quality standards, Whatman pH indicator strips combine ease-of-use with unsurpassed accuracy and consistency. 100/PK. Price per pack.

All Whatman pH indicator strips enable:
  • Instant pH readings
  • Accuracy over a wide range of routine pH tests
  • Convenience and portability for field use

Individual plastic support strips carry four different segments of dye-impregnated pH indicator papers. The resulting combination of color differences gives an extremely clear and accurate visual pH value. All the dyes are chemically bonded to the paper and cannot leach into solution, avoiding sample contamination and resultant anomalous pH readings.