Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (7088)

Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (7088)
Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (7088)
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Product Description
Dynarex Finger Pulse Oximeter (7088). Dynarex's Finger Pulse Oximeter is a portable non-invasive device that calculates how much oxygen is carried in your blood and monitors saturation of a patient's hemoglobin. This Finger Pulse Oximeter features a simple one button operation and is perfect for spot checks or continuous readings. 2-AAA Batteries included

  • Unbeatable Accuracy - Clinically Tested
  • Drop Tested Durable and Moisture Proof
  • Perfect Spot Checks or Continuous Readings
  • Simple One Button Operation
  • Checks Heart Rate
  • Monitors Respiratory Function
  • Monitors a Patients Oxygenation and Pulse Rate when Undergoing Surgical Procedure
  • One Year Limited Warranty by manufacturer
  • Suitable for Finger Thickness of 0.37" to 0.86" (9.5mm to 21.9mm)