Edan E8-4Q Endoactivity Array Tranducer Probe

Edan E8-4Q Endoactivity Array Tranducer Probe


Product Description

Edan E8-4Q Endoactivity Array Transducer for Acclarix AX Series Ultrasound System

The Edan Endoactivity Array Transducer is a well-built instrument designed for the Acclarix AX (AX2, AX3, AX4, & AX7) Ultrasound Systems. The 4-8 MHz Transducer features multiple, selectable fundamental and harmonic frequencies that communicate and receive ultrasound information. It provides excellent detail and penetration for all OB/GYN and Prostate applications.

E8-4Q Endocavity Micro Convex Array Probe for Fetal, OB / GYN, Trans-vaginal, Trans-rectal & Urology