Fetal Dopplers Baby Heart Monitors

Fetal Dopplers by EdanUSA and Newman Medical. Fetal Dopplers for Professional and Clinical use as well as Home use. High quality. Hear and see baby's heartbeat at a moments notice!
Edan SonoTrax® Lite Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor
Regular price:$135.00
Sale Price:$119.00
Edan SonoTrax® Pro Fetal Doppler Heart Monitor with LED
Regular price:$245.00
Sale Price:$229.00
Edan SonoTrax® II Pro Fetal Doppler Baby Heart Monitor
Regular price:$325.00
Sale Price:$298.00
Edan SD3 Pro Fetal Doppler with 3MHZ Probe
Regular price:$365.00
Sale Price:$295.00
Newman DIGIDOP 300 Series Fetal Doppler without Display
Regular price:$495.00
Sale Price:$469.00
Newman DIGIDOP 700 Series Fetal Doppler with Display
Regular price:$725.00
Sale Price:$679.00
Newman Medical Waterproof Probe 2MHz
Regular price:$219.00
Sale Price:$179.00
Newman Medical Waterproof Probe 3MHz
Regular price:$219.00
Sale Price:$179.00