HemoCue Beckman-Coulter ICON-20 hCG Test Kit

HemoCue Beckman-Coulter ICON-20 hCG Test Kit


Product Description

The ICON 20 is an accurate, affordable, easy-to-use, one-step rapid diagnostic test designed to detect the presence of hCG hormone at the earliest stages of pregnancy. This rapid test detects elevated hCG levels in serum and urine. Desiged for maximum reliability and sensitivity, ICON 20 requires just 3 drops of sample which are processed in a simple, one-step testing procedure.

  • Rapid test for detecting hCG qualitatively
  • Solid-phase chromatography
  • Only 3 drops of sample required
  • Results in 3-5 minutes
  • Convenient, one-step cassette format test
  • Built-in positive & negative controls
  • CLIA Category: Urine-waived, Serum-Moderately complex

Box contains: 25 test devices, 25 disposable sample droppers, 1 product instructions and 1 procedure card