IV Administration Solution Sets / IV Extension Sets

I.V. Administration Solution Sets. Items include Kawasumi Gravity IV Administration Sets, B.Braun Small Bore IV Extension Set, Dynarex IV Extension Sets, Baxter Interlink™ Injection Site, and Terumo Surflo™ Injection Plugs. Also I.V. Start Kit by Dynarex.
B.Braun Small Bore I.V. Extension Set (ET06S)
Regular price:$3.05
Sale Price:$2.39
Dynarex IV Extension Sets 6", 7", & 8" (from $98)
Regular price:$129.00
Sale Price:$98.00
Baxter Basic I.V. Extension Set (2C6226)
Regular price:$119.00
Sale Price:$95.00
Baxter IV Set INTERLINK 10DR/ML (2C6401)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.25
Blunt Plastic Cannula Only, 17G, Universal (303345)
Regular price:$41.00
Sale Price:$32.85
Exel Injection Plug with Cap Luer-Lock (26539)
Regular price:$23.00
Sale Price:$17.50
Baxter INTERLINK™ Injection Site (2N3399)
Regular price:$95.00
Sale Price:$77.50
Dynarex I.V. Start Kit (4692)
Regular price:$73.00
Sale Price:$61.00