OBGYN Supply Must-Haves For Your New Medical Practice

check out the tools you need to start your OBGYN office or update your current office.Are you a new OGBYN looking to outfit your offices with the latest technology and OBGYN accessories? Are you an established OBGYN that needs to update their aging tools and machinery? There are certain items every office needs to have and we’re here to provide you with the best and most affordable items available.

If you’re a purchasing agent for a hospital, then you need to know what your doctors need. They might give you a list, but do you know how to budget and prioritize based on their notes? We’ll help everyone out by providing a list of gynecological equipment every hospital and gynecologist’s office needs.

Ultrasound Systems and Supplies for your Office

When you’re dealing with pregnancy or other gynecological matters, there are few machines more important than the ultrasound machine. The picture of expectant parents cooing over the first pictures of their baby is a pregnancy hallmark.

While the pictures and determining the sex of the baby is important, the real purpose is to examine the health and wellbeing of the baby. A pregnancy is fragile, especially in the beginning. It’s important the baby gets the best chance at life, so that means limiting its exposure to dangerous chemicals and energies.

The ultrasound uses sound waves to see the baby. While the picture isn’t perfectly clear, doctors check how the baby is growing, its body makeup and its heart. They can catch any problems early on in the pregnancy and discuss the many options available before and after the baby is born.

It allows doctors and parents the ability to give the baby the best chance at life. We sell SonoScape Ultrasound machines because they’re the best in the industry. They have the features you need for obstetrics and gynecology.

Don’t Forget Ultrasound Accessories

The machine is one part of the ultrasound experience. Every doctor’s office and hospital needs the accessories to complete the functionality.

The ultrasound transducer covers keep the probe and the patient free of bacteria cross-contamination. It also makes transducer cleaning a breeze. Without the transmission gels, there are no pictures to see and no woman wants cold gel squirted on them, so grab gel warmers to add more comfort to your patients.

When you need to keep recorded pictures of the baby for your own notes (and the parents) you’ll want an ultrasound machine printer and plenty of imaging paper.

Pregnancy Tests Begin the Obstetrics Journey

Finding out your pregnant can be one of the most exciting and frightening moments of a person’s life. It doesn’t matter if it’s planned or accidental, it’s going to change your life forever. You want to make sure the tests are reliable.

We have a wide variety of pregnancy tests from medical grade hormone tests to urine/serum kits. Odds are your patient’s taken an over the counter pregnancy test and they want something from a doctor to confirm.

Many times, tests aren’t to determine if a person is pregnant, but to make sure they aren’t. If they have issues that require various treatments, then you need to know they’re no pregnant to make sure no fetus is hurt.

A gynecologist’s office goes through a lot of tests in a short period of time, so we provide a large selection of tests in quantities of 25 to 100.

Diagnostic Tools Complete the OBGYN Tool Kit

Your patients visit your many reasons besides pregnancy. A gynecologist has to examine and diagnose a variety of illnesses and issues. You need diagnostic tools that can be disposable and effective.

We have everything you need from catheters to procedure trays. We have locators and Endometriosis samplers to help your patients understand why they’re feeling pelvic pain and other issues.

No gynecologist’s office is complete without varying sizes of a speculum. We carry small medium and large varieties, those with lights and those without. We even have metal ones as well.

A speculum is one of the most common instruments used in an OGYN office.

Let OBGYN Supplies Provide You with Everything you Need

While these are some of the essential OBGYN tools you’ll need in your office, there are far more than you’ll use less often. Don’t let your office be without needed supplies.

We’re your one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need for an obstetrician and gynecologists office. You’ll find everything from cryosurgery tools to exam room paper. Whether you’re on OBGYN, fertility clinic or hospital, you’ll find everything you need from us.

If you want to learn more about our products, then please explore our site or contact us.