LifeSign Uricult CLED/EMB UTI Culture Slides (#1000)

LifeSign Uricult CLED/EMB UTI Culture Slides (#1000)


Product Description

Lifesign Uricult CLED/EMB UTI Culture Slide (#1000) (MTC-1000). Uricult is an easy-to-perform bacterial culture method for the detection of various types of bacteria that commonly cause urinary tract infections (UTI). Uricult is a culture slide covered on both sides with agar media. The slide can be dipped in the sample or the sample can be poured onto the slide. The inoculated slide is inserted back into the tube where it can be incubated, stored or transported. 10 Tests per box. Price per box.


The results can show the presence or absence of potential urinary pathogen in the tested sample, the approximate concentration of bacteria in each milliliter (ml) of urine and a presumptive identification of the specific bacteria type.

Uricult is CLIA classified as Moderately Complex for Colony Counts only - visual QC only and no lab testing.

  • Culture method for urinary pathogens
  • Easy to perform procedure; Dip - Incubate - Read Results
  • Quick and convenient result within 24 hours
  • Simple CLIA compliance for reporting colony count