Disposable Rigid Curved Cannula Vacuum Curettes 10/BG

Disposable Rigid Curved Cannula Vacuum Curettes 10/BG


Product Description

Disposable Rigid Curved Cannula Vacuum Curettes. Sizes 6mm to 12mm available. Universal nozzle which adapts perfectly to a aspiration handle. Each diameter corresponds to the number of gestation weeks.

Disposable vacuum curettes are made of clear rigid plastic with molded markings for size and tip orientation. They also have a visible frosted sounding line which allows the clinician to gauge proper insertion depth. Curettes are strong, firm and finely finished. Wall thickness is uniform throughout and there are no sharp edges anywhere. Exact sizes for minimal uterine dilation and reduced patient discomfort.

Vacuum curettes with open end tips fit all popular styles of permanent or reusable handles. Each single-use disposable curette is packed in an individual, sterile, see-through peel pack for easy aseptic removal. 10EA/BG, Price per bag. See "Options" above for Size Selections.