Roche CoaguChek XS PT/INR Professional Care Meter (04837975001)

Roche CoaguChek XS PT/INR Professional Care Meter (04837975001)


Product Description

Roche CoaguChek XS PT/INR Professional Care Kit 22045960 (04837975001). Roche Diagnostics simplified testing for professionals. This small, battery-powered, handheld meter is portable and efficient, ideal for low to mid volume office settings. Plus, you can test and treat in one appointment, using the fingerstick test that patients prefer. Price per each.

  • 97% accuracy to lab for confidence in results
  • Only handheld, CLIA-waived PT/INR monitoring system that neutralizes therapeutic levels of heparin and low molecular weight heparin within a specified range
  • INR corrected for wide range of hematocrit
  • Two levels of built-in, onboard controls within the test chamber

    Easy to use
  • Test results in about one minute with a small sample
  • Large top- and side-dosing area enables easy sample application
  • Outside meter blood application, minimizes potential for cross-contamination
  • Up to 21-month strip shelf life from date of manufacture, so no refrigeration needed
  • Less retesting may mean lower costs and higher patient satisfaction In a recent head-to-head study

CoaguChek XS system required 63% fewer test strips and lancets for retests, which equated to 6% less overall test strip and lancet waste. The CoaguChek XS system was preferred by 99% of patients and rated 25% less painful to use.