Sony Full-Page A4 Digital Color Printer (UP-DR80MD)

Sony Full-Page A4 Digital Color Printer (UP-DR80MD)


Product Description


The UP-DR80MD digital color printer for medical applications
    Delivering a compelling combination of compact convenience, superior image quality and low total-cost-of-ownership, the UP-DR80MD is the world's smallest A4 dye sublimation printer

Easy Color Adjustment
    The UP-DR80MD offers easy color adjustment via its printer driver property. This incorporates a preview image from which you can confirm and adjust images easily

Color Look Up Table
    Two types of color look up table are available to reproduce suitable colors for different modalities, such as endoscopy and ultrasounds. The default "Natural" setting creates a color based on the s-RGB monitor, which is suitable for endoscopy images. For ultrasound images, a "CG" color mode is available that reproduces more vivid colors. These settings are selectable via the printer property

Gray Balance Adjustment
    A Gray Balance Adjustment function allows you to easily select the color that most closely matches your requirements and provides the most suitable tonal range for your application

Wireless Printing Capability
    By using the optional UPA-WU10 Wireless Print System, you can achieve cable-free connection between a Sony digital printer with a 5-V USB output port, mobile C-arm, and other hospital imaging modalities



Superb Print Quality
    Incorporating Sony's dye sublimation technology, the UP-DR80MD produces photo-quality prints. It also employs Sony's laminating technology, which coats each print with a protective layer that's resistant to light, heat, water, humidity, and fingerprints. This laminating technology allows the prints to be placed in long-term storage without fear of degradation. The UP-DR80MD can print onto two different sizes of paper: A4 (297 x 210 mm, 11-3/4 x 8-3/8 inches) and Letter (279 x 216 mm, 11 x 8.5 inches)

Stylish Design and Compact Size
    The UP-DR80MD has a stylish design that fits perfectly with most medical environments. Its glossy white surface allows users to wipe it clean easily. Also, the compact body of the UP-DR80MD (approx. 317(W) x 207(H) x 425(D) mm (12-1/2 (W) x 8-1/8 (H) x 16-3/4 (D) inches) enables it to fit into both medical carts and constrained spaces

Front Operation
    The front-loading operation makes it easy to replace paper and ribbon, and allows the UP-DR80MD to be installed in even the tightest of spaces. This useful design feature also allows you to use the printer on-cart

High-speed Printing
    The UP-DR80MD operates at high speed. Printing an A4-sized image takes approximately 76 seconds

Wireless Printing Capability*
    The optional UPA-WU10 Wireless Print System allows cable-free connection between the UP-DR80MD and surgical endoscopes, ultrasound systems, and other hospital imaging modalities. This is ideal for busy clinical environments, where modalities are constantly being moved between different operating rooms and treatment rooms. This all-in-one wireless printing solution also resolves the problem of limited space on medical carts, allowing connection between a medical imaging modality and an "off-cart" printer without requiring a lengthy USB cable

    * This function is available to Sony digital printers with a 5-V USB-A output port. For more information regarding compatibility, please contact your nearest Sony office or an authorized dealer. Compliance with medical standards This product is distributed to the US and EU as a medical device and satisfies product safety standards (e.g. IEC 60601-1).