Symmetry Bovie Colpo-Master II Colposcope from $6,895

Symmetry Bovie Colpo-Master II Colposcope from $6,895


Product Description

The Colpo-Master II is a compact center-post colposcope with unique, continuous zoom magnification and sharp focusing for crisp 3-D stereoscopic imaging. The unit is excellent for the facility performing gynecological exams where millimeters matter.

Dual diopters allow the user to independently focus each eyepiece to adjust for the natural vision differential between eyes for viewing comfort. A super-bright LED bulb powers the fiber optic illumination, complete with variable intensity rheostat providing ample light for any application. Includes built-in green filter.

The sturdy, easy-to-maneuver base slides in and under exam tables for optimal positioning. Adjustable height center post with smooth suspension system S-video and digital camera options available, and a trinocular version with built-in C-mount camera adapter also available.

The Colposcope HD Camera (#CS-8187) is recommended for use with the Trinocular Zoom Head option (#CS-205T-LED). The camera-ready trinocular models allow the user to view through both eyepieces while using the camera. This unique design allows users wearing glasses to comfortably view through the scope without removing their glasses as they would have to with traditional eyepieces. See "Options" above for Available Configurations.


Bovie Colpo-Master II Colposcope Specifications
  • Heads: 45° Binocular or video-ready Trinocular with C-Mount.
  • Stand: Center post stand.
  • Optical System: Continuous Zoom with zoom ratio 1:6.7 (0.67 - 4.5x).
  • Magnification Range: 4 - 27x.
  • Eyepieces: 20x Extra-Widefield, 11.5 mm, with diopter.
  • Field of View (FOV): 58.5 mm at 4x to 8.5 mm at 27x.
  • Working Distance: 298 mm (11.75").
  • Inclination of Head: 45° - 90°, adjustable.
  • Interpupillary Distance: 55 - 75 mm.
  • Illumination: LED Illuminator with built-in green filter and rheostat.
      -Featuring four white and one green LED
      -30,000 hours LED bulb life
  • Power: 110V

  • CS-205LED: Binocular Zoom Head - 5 Legged Base $6,895
  • CS-205T-LED: Camera-Ready Trinocular Zoom Head - 3 Legged Base $7,619
  • CS-205T-DV (Digital Video Package): Camera-Ready Trinocular Zoom Head, 3 Legged Base, and USB Digital Video Camera (#CS-8185) $9,315
  • CS-205T-HD (HDMI Video Package): Camera-Ready Trinocular Zoom Head, 3 Legged Base, Colposcope HD Camera (#CS-8187), and accessories $9,169
  • CS-205T-HDM (HDMI Video Package with Monitor): Camera-Ready Trinocular Zoom Head, 3 Legged Base, Colposcope HD Camera (#CS-8187), and HD 1080P monitor $10,297