Thomas Medical Flexible HS Catheter 7fr (TMI1155)

Thomas Medical Flexible HS Catheter 7fr (TMI1155)


Product Description

Thomas Medical Flexible HS Catheter 7fr (TMI1155). Ideal for Hysterosalpingography or Sonohysterography. Sterile, disposable, ready to use. Placement sheath decreases the need for a tenaculum. Integrated stylet is malleable and can be re-shaped as necessary and angle can be set to align with cervical canal. Stiffness beneficial for restricted or stenotic cervical canal. For use with saline or water-based contrast media. Latex-free. 10/BX. Price per box.

  • Physician can easily place the balloon bearing catheter through the cervix into the uterus
  • Easier view of the cervical Os
  • Minimizes patient discomfort
  • Ease of use allows physician to complete procedure in minimal amount of time
  • Placement sheath eliminates need for tenaculum
  • Short, rounded distal tip with side hole for contrast or saline injection
  • Flexible small 7fr radiopaque catheter reduces patient trauma
  • Effective in interoperative tubal lavage
  • Non-latex balloon, Sterile

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