Wallach ZoomStar Trulight Colposcope (906057T)

Wallach ZoomStar Trulight Colposcope (906057T)
Wallach ZoomStar Trulight Colposcope (906057T)
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Product Description
Wallach ZoomStar Trulight Colposcope (906057T). ZoomStar Colposcope offers the same quality optics and features as ZoomScope on an exclusive compact center stand with a spring loaded main shaft for gross height adjustment, with the addition of fine height adjustment.

  • Stereoscopic continuous 4.5 to 20x zoom Nikon optics for optimal viewing and image magnification
  • Dual zoom knobs on the optical head allow for left or right handed operation
  • Convenient fine focus control handle sharpens the image USB Video Camera option
  • Zoom optical system for correct magnification and field of view at all times
  • Full range magnification available from 4.5x to 20x
  • Easiest scope to use, comfortable for patients
  • Converts from colposcope to operating microscope in seconds
  • Green light at the touch of a switch
  • Slimmer, lighter, more maneuverable design
  • Special suspension eliminates adjustment knobs or dials
  • Super stable new base
  • Digital imaging video system options available