Wallach "The Inseminator" Intrauterine Catheter (920012)

Wallach "The Inseminator" Intrauterine Catheter (920012)


Product Description

Wallach "The Inseminator" Intrauterine Insemination Catheter. This versatile intrauterine insemination device bypasses the cervix and allows a greater number of sperm to reach the uterine cavity and, subsequently, the fallopian tubes. 50/BX. Price per box.

3.5fr polypropylene catheter enlarged in the proximal area to accommodate the syringe tip. Secure fit prevents leakage. Comes in 4.5" or 5.5" length.

  • 920012 The Inseminator (5.5") w/syringe
  • 920012-1 The Inseminator (4.5") w/syringe
  • 920012-2 The Inseminator (4.5") w/o syringe