Welch Allyn KleenSpec Cordless Illuminator System

Welch Allyn KleenSpec Cordless Illuminator System


Product Description

Welch Allyn 800 Series KleenSpec® Cordless Illumination System (80010)

The Welch Allyn 800 Series Cordless Illumination System is a unique design with enhanced features including bright, white LED light to help improve patient exams. The compact, efficient system offers on-time of 80 minutes that will get you through the day, and recharges in 5 hours. Standardize your facility with KleenSpec Cordless Illumination Systems and KleenSpec Disposable Specula to help please both your staff and your patients.

  • For use with the KleenSpec Disposable Vaginal Specula
  • No bulb replacement necessary, for reduced cost of ownership
  • Compact LED light source with homogenous spot improves exam area visualization
  • No cord issues and on-time of 80 minutes, to help improve exam efficiency
  • Push-button on/off Single-use sheath available to help reduce the risk of cross contamination
  • Produces much less heat than traditional lamps, to help improve comfort

Complete KleenSpec Cordless Illumination System with Charging Station with US style AC plug.