Bionet Fetal Monitor FC-700 Single Display

Bionet Fetal Monitor FC-700 Single Display


Product Description

Combining high functionality and user friendliness, the Bionet FC-700 fetal monitor allows for comprehensive assessment of the well being of a single fetus. The advanced digital signal processing capabilities and ultrasound technology optimizes the acquisition of the fetal heart rate during even the most adverse situations. A4 size report improves readablilty of the FHR and UC trend.

  • Digital LED display shows current fetal heart rate and uterine contraction measurements
  • The carrying handle provides great mobility enabling you to take fetal monitoring where you need it
  • User can set the FHR high/low limits. Alarm indication makes you aware of changes in fetal condition
  • Provides accurate fetal heart rate and uterine contraction measurement information on fetal well-being during labor and in the months before
  • Highly advanced accuracy backed with 1 MHz ultrasound sensitivity helps obstetricians to interpret the fetal condition exactly without worries for the data
  • Designed to detect gross fetal body movements such as flexion and extension of limbs or rolling over. FC 700 makes it easy to document movements automatically on the recorded tracings. A4 size chart paper shows FHR and UC variation more distinctively for easier interpretation
  • The printout is fully annotated with alarm status, paper speed, auto print period, date and time information for complete documentation
  • Standard fax paper can be used in FC 700 due to integrated grid-function
  • You can set the automatic record period from 10 minutes to 60 minutes in 10 minute intervals for the non-stress test. The non-stress test is an important examination in prognostcating fetuses. Conveniently this function makes manual tasks automatic, providing the highest quality of care at all times
  • The FC 700 firmware is user upgradeable

Includes: FC 700 Main Unit, US Probe, TOCO Probe, Event Marker Jack, Ultrasound Gel, Probe Belt(x2), Paper(x2), Power Adaptor & Hospital Grade Power Cord, Operation Manual and 3 Year Warranty Card.