Antepartum Fetal Monitors and Rolling Carts
Antepartum Fetal Monitors detects and displays fetus heart rate and uterine activity in real time. Single and twin displays available. Rolling carts easily allows moving fetal monitors and supplies from and to any exam room.
Bionet Fetal Monitor FC-700 Single Display
Regular price:$2,475.00
Sale Price:$1,325.00
Bionet Fetal Monitor FC1400 Twin Display
Regular price:$3,358.00
Sale Price:$2,330.00
Bionet Rolling Cart for FC700 Fetal Monitor
Regular price:$465.00
Sale Price:$395.00
Bionet Rolling Cart for FC1400 Fetal Monitor
Regular price:$410.00
Sale Price:$360.00
Edan F6 Dual Fetal Monitor Twins (FHR)
Regular price:$3,150.00
Sale Price:$2,198.00
Edan F9 Express Fetal Monitor with DECG+IUP and Touch Screen
Regular price:$5,650.00
Sale Price:$4,999.00