Covidien Sharps Containers
Covidien Multi-Purpose Sharps Containers. Adjustable Rotor Opening or Hinged Lids Accommodate a Variety of Sharps Sizes. Temporary and permanent closure Easy, simple assembly Containers lock for final disposal Nestable containers save valuable storage space Available holders and brackets secure containers wherever needed Plastics and pigments are safe to autoclave or incinerate For use on countertops or mounted on the wall Economical horizontal drop maximizes container volume Large horizontal openings accommodate larger syringes.
Covidien Sharps Container 2 Quart (8920SA)
Regular price:$4.75
Sale Price:$3.45
Covidien 4 Quart Sharps Container (8881676236)
Regular price:$6.25
Sale Price:$4.75
Covidien Sharps Container 5 Quart (8950SA)
Regular price:$6.50
Sale Price:$4.95
Covidien 5 Quart Sharps Container Red (31144010)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.10
Covidien 5 Quart Sharps Container Clear (31143897)
Regular price:$5.95
Sale Price:$4.10
Covidien 8 Quart Sharps Container (8881676285)
Regular price:$6.85
Sale Price:$5.25
Covidien SharpSafety™ Container 2 Gallon (89671)
Regular price:$7.15
Sale Price:$5.25
Covidien Sharps Container 2 Gallon (31142222)
Regular price:$6.95
Sale Price:$4.29
Covidien Sharps Container 8 Gallon (8980)
Regular price:$36.50
Sale Price:$27.35