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Wavicide Disinfectant Soaking Solution 0104

Wavicide Disinfectant Soaking Solution 0104
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Product Description
Wavicide Disinfectant Soaking Solution 0104 is non-corrosive. WAVICIDE-01 is a 2.65% glutaraldehyde sterilant / high level disinfectant soaking solution that has been tested and approved for use with endoscopes and stainless steel surgical instruments. WAVICIDE-01 requires no activator saving you time and eliminating mixing errors. At a pH of about 6.3, it is very stable and noncorrosive. WAVICIDE-01 provides more cycles per use than other comparable brand, saving time, money and shelf space. WAVICIDE-01 is a mild fresh scented replacement for those pungent smelling brands. It does not contain the suspected carcinogen ortho-phenyl phenol. 1 gallon. Priced per gallon. FREE Shipping!