Surgical Instrument Cleaners and Supplies
Surgical Instrument Cleaners and Soak Solutions. Surgical instruments should be presoaked or rinsed to prevent drying of blood and to soften or remove blood from the instruments. Washing instruments within a few minutes of surgery prevents blood from drying and is your best defense against corrosion, pitting and staining. Only use approved solutions for washing, disinfecting, and lubricating. Non-approved solutions are any that do not specifically state, "for surgical instruments" on the label.
Cidex 14-Day Disinfectant Solution 2266
Regular price:$51.00
Sale Price:$38.95
Cidex OPA Disinfectant Solution (20390)
Regular price:$88.00
Sale Price:$79.50
CIDEX OPA Solution Test Strips 20392
Regular price:$119.00
Sale Price:$107.00
Cidex Instrument Soaking Tray System 13" x 7" x 5" (82010)
Regular price:$175.00
Sale Price:$149.00
Cidex Instrument Tray System 29" x 8.5" x 5" (82027)
Regular price:$295.00
Sale Price:$259.00
Metricide 28-Day Disinfectant Solution Gallon 10-2800
Regular price:$33.00
Sale Price:$26.50
Metricide 28-Day Disinfectant Solution Quart 10-2805
Regular price:$12.50
Sale Price:$9.95
Metricide Solution MetriTest Test Strips 10-304
Regular price:$79.00
Sale Price:$73.50
Metrex EmPower Enzymatic Cleaner 10-4100
Regular price:$205.00
Sale Price:$178.00
Wavicide Disinfectant Soaking Solution 0104
Regular price:$33.50
Sale Price:$28.65
Alconox Detergent Powder Cleaner 1104-1
Regular price:$69.00
Sale Price:$55.50
Propper CHEX-ALL II Sterilization Pouch 5" x 10"
Regular price:$53.00
Sale Price:$45.35
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouch 7" x 12"
Regular price:$75.00
Sale Price:$63.25
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouch 8" x 16"
Regular price:$79.00
Sale Price:$64.50
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Tubes 4" x 100ft
Regular price:$26.00
Sale Price:$19.95
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Tubes 6" x 100ft
Regular price:$29.50
Sale Price:$23.95
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Tubes 9" x 100ft
Regular price:$44.00
Sale Price:$37.95
Propper SHORT OK Sterilization Indicator Strips
Regular price:$19.25
Sale Price:$15.50
3M Comply Steam Indicator Tape 3/4"
Regular price:$8.25
Sale Price:$6.75
3M Comply Steam Indicator Tape 1"
Regular price:$10.25
Sale Price:$8.75
3.5" x 9" Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches
Regular price:$10.25
Sale Price:$8.65
Dynarex Sterilization Pouches 5-1/4" x 10"
Regular price:$24.50
Sale Price:$17.95
Dynarex Sterilization Pouches 7-1/2" x 13"
Regular price:$39.00
Sale Price:$31.00
Dynarex Sterilization Pouches 12" x 16"
Regular price:$59.00
Sale Price:$47.50
Dynarex CSR Sterilization Wrap 15" x 15"
Regular price:$129.00
Sale Price:$109.00
Tuttnauer Clean & Simple Ultrasonic Enzyme Cleaner
Regular price:$64.00
Sale Price:$56.50
Miltex Surgical Instrument Cleaner 3-720
Regular price:$28.00
Sale Price:$19.50
NaturePlus Enzymatic Instrument Cleaner
Regular price:$43.95
Sale Price:$35.50
Tuttnauer ValueKlave Autoclave 1730
Regular price:$3,900.00
Sale Price:$3,325.00