Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouch 8" x 16"

Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouch 8" x 16"
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouch 8" x 16"
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Product Description
Propper CHEX-ALL Sterilization Pouches 8" x 16" (024014). Chex-All II Self-Seal Sterilization Pouches for use in steam autoclaves or ethylene oxide sterilizers provide a barrier to maintain sterility after the sterilization process. Chex-All II pouches are great money savers because the need to purchase separate indicator strips is eliminated. Chex-All II pouches have indicator imprints on both the inside and outside. This unique feature monitors the effective penetration of steam or ethylene oxide gas on the inside of the package. Chex-All II pouches do not require heat sealers. The self-sealing feature eliminates the need for expensive and troublesome heat sealing machines, yet provides a seal as effective in maintaining sterility as any heat seal. 125/BX. Priced per box.

  • In steam autoclaves the yellow indicators turn dark
  • In ethylene oxide sterilizers the red indicators change to green
  • 3/4 inch wide adhesive line guarantees easy and reliable sealing
  • Triple sealed paper/plastic film provides excellent sterility protection
  • The hermetic seal will not open in steam autoclaves and is not affected by ethylene oxide gas
  • Transparent side of the pouches facilitates visual inspection of sterilizable materials and instruments
  • Resistant to tearing, bursting and fracturing as well as bacterial penetration provide a high degree of protection and allow for a reliable transfer to the sterile field