Uterine Injector 4.0mm Bioteque 12/BX

Uterine Injector 4.0mm Bioteque 12/BX


Product Description

Bioteque 4.0mm Uterine Injectors are double lumen, slightly curved and designed for single use and to facilitate diagnostic procedures such as Laparoscopy, Minilaps, Salpingoplasties and Fertility Examinations. It is a sterile disposable product consisting of plastic tube, connector and other plastic components which meets the USP recommendation for class VI testing. Indications: Bioteque Uterine Injector is intended to be used during hysterosonography, hydrotubation, hysterosalpingogram, and salpingoplasties. 12/BX. Price per box.

  • Sterile, disposable, read to use
  • Curved shaft (uterine sound shaped) for use in anteverted or retroverted uteri
  • Snap-on cervical stop custom set for every patient
  • Snap-on cervical V-shaped design for easy view of external cervical OS
  • Patient ambulatory once instrument properly inserted
  • Durable no-crack luer fitting of flexible collar for convenient injection
  • No spring or weights added

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